Turn Five Hundred Naira To N6,125 In Three Days

It is no longer news that Nigeria and Nigerians are having their own share of the global economic blow and setbacks. I had another unpleasant and unfortunate experience couple of weeks ago.

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 It was a terrible experience for me because I couldn’t afford N300 to cut my hair. This prompted me to sell my phone at a giveaway price just to salvage the situation on ground then. But after selling the phone, I realized that the little change I got from the deal will finish and will soon start thinking of what to sell again, maybe my laptop for another annoying, cheap price. While I was swimming in my thoughts then, I remembered a phrase from the book,

“Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. 

You must have heard or read the book.
 It says,

 “The rich make money work for them, while the poor work for money”.

Hmmm… you didn’t get that, did you?

Believe me, I brainstormed on what to do like never before, made researches and came to a conclusion not to spend all my time searching for a jobs but to make the little money I have got , work for me.
Eventually, I found this cool, easy perfect and genuine investment opportunity with little money and little input.
With just N500, you can rake hundreds of thousand naira from your house (without suit and tie, 7am-5pm work hours, pressure from your boss, etc). I bet you, you will earn more than many managers of banks in less than 4 months.  

Off course N500 is small compared to what you will spend on petrol for your generator, data subscription or hair styling and plating for the ladies.

NO         TIME      TO        WASTE
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